Thank you for considering us for your next function. This web page is designed to give you an overview of our rental fees and guidelines and to assist you in making your important booking decision. Please note that prices are subject to change, so use this information as a guideline only. We hope to assist you in any way we can to help make your function a success.

The facilities of Aldergrove Alliance Church have been dedicated to the glory of God and all activities that take place in these facilities must reflect this commitment. Therefore we reserve the right to refuse any bookings which the booking manager deems to be in contradiction of this.

On the price list you will see that we have some staffing available, some of which is mandatory and some can be arranged if needed, based on availability.




$50 per hour
Classrooms & Nursery

Classrooms & Nursery

$15 per hour (each)


$50 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Santuary & Foyer

Santuary & Foyer

$400 (8 hour max) includes rehearsal, if required.
For less than 8 hours, santuary/foyer can be
rented for $75 per hour (2 hour min).
Above 8 hours, $50 per hour.


Sound Man

$30 per hour
Required if using sound.


$30 flat rate
Required for all events.
(normal usage cleanup; any unusual cleanup will come out of damage deposit).

Rental Host

$15 per hour.
Only required when booking occurs outside of regular office hours.
May be waived if a guest attending is an approved AAC host, or during hours that the sound man (an approved host) is on site.


To be arranged on an individual basis.


To be arranged on an individual basis. (Quotes available)

Set Up Team

$15 per hour per person.

Damage Deposit

$200 refundable; payable at time of booking.